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Each love story is someone’s movie,
so let’s make it feel
that way. 

Storytelling is a huge part of my brand, and it’s one of my favorite ways to document people’s love stories. I wanted to create edits that reminded me of all my favorite classic romcom movies so I can make each session feel unique in its own way. A documentary and cinematic style of photography is on the rise, so I decided to make photographers’ lives easier by sharing the base presets I use, mimicking those soft and muted tones while still maintaining the natural feel that old love movies have.

I know that a lot of us creatives struggle with color grading and simply cannot put our finger on the tones we are trying to achieve – as if something’s missing. I spent countless hours studying the color grade of movies that inspired these tones and even getting feedback from a couple of retired filmmakers. I actually had no intentions of creating this preset pack, but after tons of experimentation with different edits, I noticed that I started to master the vintage and nostalgic feel, and I simply could not resist sharing these recipes with you.

These presets have seriously made my editing process significantly smoother when trying to achieve this style of editing. I absolutely love incorporating these edits into all sessions, even weddings. It amazes me how a simple click can add so much life to a photo and make it actually feel like a movie scene. The Cinematic preset consists of 13 presets. 

Before and after images below demonstrate how each preset manipulates an image with identical white balance and exposure.


Introducing the presets, like stills from a movie.

How to install

lights, camera, action

Unzip the “The Cinematic Pack” zip folder under downloads.
Open Adobe Lightroom Classic on your computer.
Go to file > Import developed profiles & presets > select zip folder
> Import Restart Lightroom
That’s it. Get Creative. 

“I’ve always been such a fan of Mark’s presets for that storytelling, cinematic, & artful look, but his new cinematic pack is a game changer. The tones on every single preset look straight out of a romance film and I am so obsessed. Even only just using it for a couple of days, it’s already changing my workflow. I barely need to do any adjustments after I place the preset on. So excited to use them on my future galleries and for all the magic they bring to the images!”
—Abby Miller, @abbyleighphoto

Mark’s new cinematic pack is incredible! There’s so much variety and depth to the presets that bring your cinematic images to the next level. If you’ve been looking for easy to use presets that allow you to achieve a cinematic feel that you’ve been hoping for, this is it! These are truly such a remarkable mix of presets that make editing more enjoyable than ever. It’s evident that Mark knows what he’s doing and is beyond talented- definitely recommend!
—Hannah Rosser, @hannahrosserphotography

I didn't think it could get any better than the complete pack but you've outdone yourself. The skin tones are perfect, its the right amount of moody, just overall my new favorite preset pack. I'm really picky when it comes to black & white presets, I feel like I can never get the right balance of softness and contrast but these have changed the game for me. It's perfect with every click, all i had to do was adjust exposure in my photos and thats it. My favorites are the romcom, I'll be using those on everything now!! It just makes a photo feel so nostalgic and full of movement/life. You've made my photos look like they came straight out of a romance film and that's all I've ever wanted when editing. Can't wait to edit everything i do with these from now on LOL.
 — Bay Reed, @bayreedphoto

The Cinematic pack

the creator

Why do I love photographing love so much, you may ask? Good question. I've been asking myself the same thing for quite some time, but the best answer I can give is (not the fact that I've actually never been in love, which would be a funnier response) but because I just think love is beautiful. We are all so loved by the man of most high, and I truly believe my calling on this earth is to capture and share his artwork and beauty - you. I have been a photographer for 6 years, and I’m honored to have captured so many beautiful moments with incredible people. My passion for photography doesn’t end with sessions. I am equally passionate about equipping and inspiring YOU to create cinematic moments that really tell a story and freeze a beautiful love story in time. This is why I made the cinematic presets. I hope you enjoy these presets as much as I have. 

The Cinematic pack



*Warning: Windows users, please allow downloads from external pages to ensure the link is included in the installation guide to download the preset XMP files. 
**Purchase of this preset pack DOES NOT include LRTEMPLATE files. It includes XMP files only.
***Please note that these presets are created for RAW images only and are ONLY Compatible with the software versions above. 
****All Sales Are Final – No Returns*



Tones that 
make you